Connect Ableton Live to the Hub (for VR)


This page covers connecting Ableton Live to ControlRoom Hub.






ControlRoom Hub is a free easy-to-use Mac/PC application that runs on your DAW computer. You can use the Hub to configure your ControlRoom settings and map MIDI controls for your DAW. The Hub is the middleman between your VR headset and your DAW, facilitating all the necessary two-way communication over your local wifi network.



This guide assumes that you have already:

If you have not completed the above steps, please visit the ControlRoom Setup Overview

Detailed Setup Instructions


Make sure you have completed the steps in Setting Up VR.

  1. In the Hub, navigate to the settings menu by clicking the gear icon.

  2. In the DAW dropdown, select Ableton Live.

  3. Open the DAW subpage, and in the Tracks dropdown, select the number of tracks (8 or 16) you’d like your VR Console to display from your Ableton sessions.


The Console is limited to 8 tracks in the Quest version of ControlRoom


  1. Launch Ableton Live

  2. Open Ableton Preferences and navigate to the Link/Midi page

  3. Open one of the dropdown menus under Control Surface and choose ControlRoom.

    1. Leave Input and Output set to None

  4. In the MIDI section, configure the settings as follows:

    1. Turn on Track and Remote for Input: ControlRoom Out 3

    2. Turn on Track and Remote for Output: ControlRoom In 3

  5. Close the Ableton Preferences window.


Once these steps are completed, click here to learn how to use ControlRoom with Ableton Live.



  1. Ensure you have installed the Hub/Plugins and the VR app, and connected VR to the Hub.

  2. Connect Ableton to ControlRoom Hub

  3. Once these steps are completed, Using ControlRoom with Ableton Live


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