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ControlRoom VR

Installation Guide

Oculus Quest, Rift, Rift S, HTC Vive



The ControlRoom Ecosystem


ControlRoom Hub

Download the Hub for Mac

(Hub only supported up to Catalina.)

Download the Hub for PC

The hub is a free easy-to-use Mac/PC application that runs on your DAW computer

The Hub is the brains of ControlRoom. Whether you are using ControlRoom VR, or the new ControlRoom Mobile iOS/Android app, ControlRoom Hub is used to configure your settings and MIDI mappings. It’s the middleman between your DAW and your VR headset or mobile device, facilitating all the necessary two-way communication over your local wifi network.


ControlRoom Mobile

A mobile app for your iOS or Android Device


ControlRoom VR

A VR application that runs on your VR headset.


ControlRoom Plugins

A pair of DAW channel strip plugins available in AAX/AU/VST3 format.

The world’s first AR-powered 3D Gestural MIDI controller. With ControlRoom Mobile, you have access to the same intuitive and expressive control as in VR, using only your mobile phone. No headset required. Access the same BFF and FX Cube tools that work in VR to automate your mix by fluidly moving your phone in space.

This is the heart and soul of ControlRoom, where you can control your DAW in an expressive and intuitive way like never before. Use the VR Console to control your DAW’s mixer, get more expressive with 3D midi tools, and use the Spatial Mixer and Plugin Tablet for next-level control of your mix.

ControlRoom Channel and ControlRoom Master are superb sounding channel strip plugins with a Compressor, EQ, and proprietary Proximity DSP to place sounds front/back in your mix. They can be used without VR using the mouse and keyboard, but with VR a whole new level of control opens up, no mapping required.



Feature Comparison


Control Feature

ControlRoom Mobile



ControlRoom VR



Control Feature

ControlRoom Mobile



ControlRoom VR




(4-mode full-body-scale MIDI fader)

FX Cube

(3-axis MIDI controller)

Fader Tablet

(8-fader MIDI tablet)


Virtual Drum Pads



Virtual Console

(Pro Tools/Ableton Live)


Play/Stop Wrist Transport

(Pro Tools/Ableton Live)


Desktop Monitor

(PC with discrete GPU)


Spatial Mixer



Plugin Tablet - EQ



Plugin Tablet -Compressor



Spectralyzer (beta)

(3D spectrum/phase/ stereo meter)


ControlRoom Hub and the Plugins are installed on your DAW computer, and the VR app runs on your VR headset. Any combination of PC/Mac/Quest/Rift/Vive will work.


Ready to install ControlRoom VR?

We suggest following our ControlRoom Setup Guide.

Ready to install ControlRoom Mobile?

Check out the ControlRoom Mobile Setup Guide

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