Connect ControlRoom VR to the Hub


In this page, we will guide you through connecting the VR app to the Hub.


These steps are important, please do not skip.


This guide assumes that you have already:

 Detailed Instructions


If you need assistance with this step please refer to the pages here:

Oculus Rift Installation

Oculus Quest Installation

A. Use the trigger button on your right controller to point and select the Play button to watch the intro video.

B. After the video has finished, start the tutorial by selecting the button in front of you.

At the conclusion of the tutorial, you’ll have options to enter Standalone Mode or DAW Control Mode.

A. Enter DAW Control Mode to be able to control your DAW from VR.

B. Open the menu, and then the Settings page by selecting the Gear Icon.

At this point, the VR application is ready to connect to ControlRoom Hub.

If you have already installed and launched ControlRoom Hub on your Studio DAW Computer, continue to Step Five below.

If you have not yet installed and launched ControlRoom Hub on your Studio DAW computer, please do that now. Follow this link for instructions.

  • Within the Hub, navigate to the Settings Page, and then select the Network tab.


  • In the list of devices, toggle your VR headset ON.

  • In VR, on the Network Settings page, toggle ON the Hub instance that has been detected.

If you have multiple computers on your local network running ControlRoom Hub, you will see them all in this list. Be sure to choose the correct one for the computer you’d like to connect to.

If you do not see the your devices in the Hub or VR menu, please ensure that your VR headset is connected to the same wifi network as your DAW computer running the Hub. If you need further assistance, please follow the links at the bottom of this page.


Next, select which DAW you’d like to use with ControlRoom:

(before proceeding, you must complete the setup steps on this page)


  1. Launch the ControlRoom VR application on your headset.

  2. Watch the intro video and complete the in-app tutorial.

  3. Connect your VR headset to ControlRoom Hub.

  4. Follow DAW setup instructions for your DAW of choice.

Have more questions about this process? Check out our FAQ page.

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