ControlRoom Mobile



To fully set up ControlRoom Mobile with your DAW, there are four simple steps:



  1. Install ControlRoom Mobile on your iOS or Android device.

  2. Install ControlRoom Hub on your DAW computer.

  3. Connect ControlRoom Mobile with the Hub

  4. Connect the Hub with your DAW


Setup Steps 


1. Install ControlRoom Mobile

Purchase ControlRoom Mobile for iOS


Purchase ControlRoom Mobile for Android

2. Install ControlRoom Hub on your DAW Computer

Visit and enter your email to download the free ControlRoom Hub desktop app.

3. Connect ControlRoom Mobile to the Hub

For a successful connection, your phone and your DAW computer running ControlRoom Hub must be connected to the same wifi network.

Once you have launched the app and passed the introductory screens, go to the Settings page by clicking the Gear icon at the bottom left.


With both the Hub and ControlRoom Mobile open, and both devices on the same wifi network, each will detect the other. All you need to do is toggle on the detected Hub in the mobile app, and toggle on the detected mobile app in the Hub.


4. Configure your DAW MIDI settings to work with ControlRoom

Please note, ControlRoom Hub must be running for this step.

Once you have configured your DAW MIDI settings by following the steps here, please follow the link for your DAW at the very bottom of this page for a MIDI-mapping tutorial.

  • Open Ableton Live Preferences, and go to the Link/MIDI tab.

  • At the bottom of the window, next to Input: ControlRoom Out 3, turn on the buttons for Track and Remote.

  • At the bottom of the window, next to Output: ControlRoom In 3, turn on the buttons for Track and Remote.

  • Follow the Ableton Live link at the bottom of this page for a MIDI-mapping example.

  • Open Logic Preferences, and click the MIDI tab along the top. (if you don’t see MIDI, click Advanced, then Show Advanced Tools. You should now see the MIDI tab)

  • Within the MIDI tab, click the Inputs tab.

  • Ensure that ControlRoom Out 3 is turned ON.

  • Open the MIDI Input Enable window and confirm ControlRoom Out 3 is turned on.

  • Open Studio One Preferences, and click the External Devices tab.

  • Click Add… at the lower left, and choose New Control Surface.

  • Change Device Name to ControlRoom

  • Set Receive From to ControlRoom Out 3

  • Set Send To to ControlRoom In 3

  • Click OK, and close Preferences

After you have completed the above steps, follow the links below for a walk-thru of MIDI-mapping for your DAW.

Ableton Live

Pro Tools


Studio One


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