Connect Logic to the Hub (for VR)

ControlRoom Hub is a free easy-to-use Mac/PC application that runs on your DAW computer. You can use the Hub to configure your ControlRoom settings and map MIDI controls for your DAW. The Hub is the middleman between your VR headset and your DAW, facilitating all the necessary two-way communication over your local wifi network.

ControlRoom Virtual Reality support for Logic is currently limited to ControlRoom Channel/Master plugin control and MIDI control. ControlRoom Mobile supports MIDI control only.

Therefore, this page simply provides instructions to enable ControlRoom’s MIDI ports within Logic. (ControlRoom Plugin control from VR requires no setup!)


Setup Steps 


  • Open Logic Preferences, and click the MIDI tab along the top. (if you don’t see MIDI, click Advanced, then Show Advanced Tools. You should now see the MIDI tab)

  • Within the MIDI tab, click the Inputs tab.

  • Ensure that ControlRoom Out 3 is turned ON.

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