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 Does ControlRoom work with a Mac?

Yes, and there are two possible configurations:

  1. Use Oculus Quest to connect to your Mac directly via WiFi (this is the simple version)

  2. Use Oculus Rift (or Rift S) + PC to your Mac via WiFi (this version requires a PC in addition to your Mac)

 Does ControlRoom work with my DAW?

ControlRoom is officially supported for Ableton Live 10.1 and Pro Tools.

There is limited support for a subset of ControlRoom features for other DAWs:

  • Spatial Mixer and ControlRoom Channel and Master VST3/AU Plugins

    • We’ve seen stable performance in Logic, Studio One, Cubase, and Adobe Audition. Other DAWs are currently being tested.

  • VR Console and Transport Control

    • Logic - currently not supported

    • Studio One - still in testing

    • Cubase - still in testing

    • Adobe Audition - track names show on console and one-way control over the Audition mixer including volume, pan, mute, solo, record, play, stop, FF, RW

  • MIDI-mappable tools (FX Cube, BFF, Fader Tablet, Drumpads)

    • Working for any DAW that supports custom MIDI mapping

 I’m a PC user. Can I run my DAW on the same PC as my Rift or Rift S?

Yes. You’ll still need to ensure ControlRoom Hub is running and that you have an active WiFi connection.


 What are all the components that make up ControlRoom?
  1. ControlRoom Hub

  2. ControlRoom DAW Plugins

  3. ControlRoom VR

To learn more about how they interact with each other, please visit our website.

 What is ControlRoom Hub?

ControlRoom Hub is a lightweight and easy-to-use desktop application that runs on your DAW computer. It serves as the connection between your DAW and your VR headset, and is the place to configure your ControlRoom settings and set up your custom MIDI-mappable tools. It must be running to maintain the connection between VR and your DAW.

 What are the ControlRoom Plugins?

The ControlRoom plugins are a set of plugins for your DAW, available in AAX/VST3/AU format:

  • ControlRoom Channel

  • ControlRoom Master

These plugins will work with or without VR.

Without VR, they will work like a normal plugin with keyboard/mouse control.

With VR, they can be controlled from within VR in a revolutionary new way.

 What is ControlRoom VR?

ControlRoom VR is the Virtual Reality component of ControlRoom. It’s an app that runs on your VR headset, and places you in a virtual studio with an array of interactable 3D tools to control your DAW in a whole new way. It works by communicating over your local network to your DAW via the ControlRoom Hub application installed on your DAW computer.

Using ControlRoom VR:

 How do I set up ControlRoom?

The full setup instructions for ControlRoom can be found on our Setup Overview page.

 What are the controls for ControlRoom?

For the Oculus Rift and Quest, the controls are as follows:

 Can I have my DAW screen displayed in VR?

On Rift, yes.

On Quest, not yet.

Oculus Rift has a built in virtual desktop. If you are using ControlRoom on Rift to control another computer (Mac) you can load up a remote desktop viewer on your PC and have control of your Mac that way. On Quest we don't have that capability. We're working on it because it's a frequently requested feature but we don't have a date set for that just yet.

 Why is the ControlRoom VR application not loading, or taking a very long time to load?

Your VR headset will pause when removed from your head, and thus pause the loading process. To ensure the fastest loading time, keep your headset on until loading has completed.

 Does the ControlRoom VR application pause when I take my headset off?

Yes. But this does not mean that your DAW playback will be interrupted. It does mean that loading will pause if you are on a loading screen.

Billing Questions:

 Can I get a free trial of the app?

Yes! Use code: OCULUSTRIAL1019 for a one-week free trial.

Still have questions about ControlRoom? Please visit our Customer Service Portal.

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