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titleWhat are the ControlRoom Plugins?

The ControlRoom plugins are a set of plugins for your DAW, available in AAX/VST3/AU format:

  • ControlRoom Channel

  • ControlRoom Master

These plugins will work with or without VR. Without VR, they will work like a normal plugin with keyboard/mouse control. With VR, they can be controlled from within VR in a revolutionary new way.

To learn more about the plugins, visit this page on our website.

titleWhat is ControlRoom VR?

ControlRoom VR is the Virtual Reality component of ControlRoom. It’s an app that runs on your VR headset, and places you in a virtual studio with an array of interactable 3D tools to control your DAW in a whole new way. It works by communicating over your local network to your DAW via the ControlRoom Hub application installed on your DAW computer.