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This page covers installation of ControlRoom Hub, and the DAW plugins.

ControlRoom Hub is a free easy-to-use Mac/PC application that runs on your DAW computer. You can use the Hub to configure your ControlRoom settings and map MIDI controls for your DAW. The Hub is the middleman between your VR headset (or ControlRoom Mobile for iOS/Android) and your DAW, facilitating all the necessary two-way communication over your local wifi network.

ControlRoom DAW Plugins - Used on their own, they provide superb-sounding Compression, EQ, and Proximity processing for your DAW. When accessed from VR, they enable advanced immersive mixing tools like the Spatial Mixer, Plugin Tablet, and Pyramid Compressor.

There is a single installer for ControlRoom that includes both the Hub and the DAW Plugins.

When you first instantiate one of the plugins in your DAW, you will be prompted to log in with your persp3ctive account. If you don’t already have one, clicking the Buy or Try buttons will take you to the Persp3ctive website, where you can create an account and start the free trial or purchase. (The Hub is free and requires no login).

At any point, you may purchase a perpetual license for the DAW plugins here.


Click here to get the Installer

Install ControlRoom Hub and Plugins

  • Visit our homepage and scroll down to enter your email into the Know what you need? section of the homepage to proceed to the downloads page.

  • Download the appropriate Mac or PC installer for your DAW computer.

After you have run the installer, launch ControlRoom Hub and proceed to the following step.

For next steps, select which headset you’d like to use with ControlRoom:


  1. Install the free ControlRoom Hub app for your DAW computer.

  2. Purchase or demo the ControlRoom DAW Plugins.

  3. For next setup steps, select the VR headset you’d like to use.

Have more questions about this process? Check out our FAQ page.


Still have questions about setting up the Hub or have suggestions about how we could improve this page? Try our customer service portal.

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