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titleDoes ControlRoom work with my DAW?

ControlRoom is officially supported for Ableton Live 10.1 and Pro Tools.

There is limited support for a subset of ControlRoom features for other DAWs:

  • Spatial Mixer and ControlRoom Channel and Master VST3/AU Plugins

    • We’ve seen stable performance in Logic, Studio One, Cubase, and Adobe Audition. Other DAWs are currently being tested.

  • VR Console and Transport Control

    • Logic - currently not supported

    • Studio One - still in testingcurrently not supported

    • Cubase - still in testingcurrently not supported

    • Adobe Audition - track names show on console and one-way control over the Audition mixer including volume, pan, mute, solo, record, play, stop, FF, RW

  • MIDI-mappable tools (FX Cube, BFF, Fader Tablet, Drumpads)

    • Working for any DAW that supports custom MIDI mapping